Anderson Silva stars in a commercial for Budweiser, and it’s pretty weird

Anderson Silva, this Bud’s for you. No, seriously take this bottle of Bud Light and get down from that perch. Mr. Silva your Budweiser Select has arrived you can stop crouching in anticipation. Silva would surely break his death stare for a nice cool plastic cup of Bud Light Lime Rita?
In the latest Budweiser Brazil ad campaign viewers are encouraged to be a spider. Little known fact from Budweiser Brazil market research is that spiders love to crack open a Bud Light Platinum after a long day of building webs, having eight legs, and doing other spider related activities. 6% ABV is the life spiders lead. 
Anderson Silva is nicknamed “The Spider”, so if you want to train like Anderson Silva crack open a Budweiser? The new Budweiser Brazil even have their own official hash tags! #GreatTimesAreComingBack #BeSpider. Wait, so great times are coming back means Bud drinkers have to wait? 
Are you saying the last six months weren’t that great? Budweiser Brazil how long are you going to make your beer drinkers wait before these so called “great times”? Silva is coming back for great times at UFC 183 in a super fight with Nick Diaz. 
Until January 31, 2015 fans can watch old Bud Bowl clips on YouTube while they live through good, but not great, times. Silva vs. Diaz, Budweiser vs. Bud Light, thanks to Budweiser Brazil UFC 183 has the potential to be the greatest sporting event since Bud Bowl XXV. Here we go. 
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