Tito Ortiz will fight Forrest Griffin with zip ties in his back

After Tito’s fight against Lyoto Machida in 2008, dude’s spinal cord sort of just exploded in his body. Tito Ortiz’s spinal cord Sub-Zeroed on him which meant that he was forced to spend over a year at home with a pornstar. That’s the trade off god gives you after you screwed up your back: your spinal cord in exchange for a hot pornstar. Normally, this would be a career ending injury for any human-being but we have technology…we can rebuild him. Now with titanium…zip ties and something that looks like half of a glowstick, Tito Ortiz will fight Forrest Griffin with all of the above mentioned items neatly lodged in his back. Just more evidence that you at home could never be nicknamed ‘The Huntington Beach Bad Boy’. [Source]



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