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Tito Ortiz Claims White Privilege Does Not Apply To Him

Tito Ortiz Claims White Privilege Was Not Given To Him

Tito Ortiz Claims White Privilege Does Not Apply To Him

The last several weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind of political opinions from Tito Ortiz. Most recently he pressed the ideas of racial privileges, claiming they do not apply to him.

To be frank, Tito is not exactly a pillar of knowledge on any subject not related to combat sports. Even then it is a bit up in the air, as to how reliable his thoughts and opinions are. Nevertheless he is still vocal about his thoughts, especially when it comes to politics. Recently he has offered government conspiracy theories, while also saying that he wants to be a police officer so he can bring respect back to that profession.


White Privilege Does Not Apply To Tito Ortiz

Yet again, Tito Ortiz is making his thoughts known on another political issue. This one revolves around the idea of white privilege, which suggests that life is more difficult for people of color. So the Huntington Beach Bad Boy took to his Instagram to share a message that he said applies to him, implying that white privilege does not exist.

“When I was born they must have ran out of white privilege because I had to work my ass off to get where (I am).”

Obviously there is no way of denying how hard Tito has worked to get where he is in life. That being said, the idea of white privilege is complicated, but does not exactly mean white people have no struggles in their life. It speaks more to the statistical advantages they find in employment, profiling by law enforcement, and many other facets of life that are documented to be more difficult for a person of color.

Everybody is entitled to their own opinions, and Tito Ortiz is no exception. It is just hard not to feel like the point is lost on the former UFC champion.

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