Tito Ortiz Responds Following Confrontation Caught On Camera (VIDEO)

After being involved in a confrontation with a citizen and caught on camera, Huntington Beach City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Tito Ortiz issues a statement on the situation

Tito Ortiz
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It seems pretty safe to say that, at this point things are not going to plan for former UFC fighter turned city councilman Tito Ortiz. After getting caught on camera having a verbal altercation with a resident, the UFC Hall of Famer has issued a statement on what went down.

Only two weeks into his term and things have not been going great for City Councilman Ortiz. The former light heavyweight champion has been involved in a slew of issues, starting as soon as he made his way into office. Things have only amplified from there, as his refusal to wear a face mask has gotten the attention of concerned citizens. This ultimately culminated in a verbal altercation with a person from the city, and Tito was caught on camera screaming and threatening the man after they had a heated argument, leading to police being called to the scene.

Tito Ortiz Responds

Although we could see the reaction of Tito Ortiz in the moment, we did not get to hear his side of the exchange. However it was not long before this changed, as he posted a video shortly after the incident to say what happened. In the video, he explains that he was just trying to help people when he was accused of poisoning the food, which started the interaction with the man.

“That was a good turnout,” Ortiz said. “A lot of people showed up, but then there was a guy who was just very annoying and was telling people I was trying to poison them with food. I don’t get this world anymore, I really don’t. Confusing. But that’s just one or two or three people. But still, to tell people lies that we’re trying to poison them with food is a no-no, shame.

“People are going ‘What’s going on?’ and there’s a guy who was on a loudspeaker, and telling people in Spanish that I’m poisoning them,” Ortiz continued. “I’m trying to give them poisoned food. Don’t accept food from me. All my fans know how much I give back during Christmas time and for him to do that is embarrassing.”

After this, Tito says he was heading to give food to some veterans. That being said, there has already been a “Recall Tito Ortiz” Facebook page that has been started to try and get him out of office. So it seems that his constituents are not pleased with the job that he has been doing.

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