Heated Argument Between Tito Ortiz and Huntington Beach Citizen Allegedly Leads to Police Calling

The police were allegedly called when a Huntington Beach citizen and Tito Ortiz had a heated argument outside in his Christmas sweater.

Tito Ortiz
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Lately, it seems like Tito Ortiz is creating more drama in Huntington Beach, California than good. Over the past few weeks, Ortiz has caused quite an uproar with the citizens of the town due to his extreme anti-mask and anti-vaccine beliefs. From fumbling his swear-in speech, to incorrectly voting on important topics, it’s safe to say that Tito may be unfit for his new role. Recently, Ortiz got in a heated argument with a Huntington Beach citizen, where police allegedly had to be called. 

Tito Ortiz is probably the most famous anti-masker within the MMA community. He also happens to be an elected official in his hometown of Huntington Beach, California. Recently, Ortiz explained why he refuses to wear a mask, as well as why he will not get the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Ortiz vs Citizen Leads to Alleged Police Interaction

One of Ortiz’s hottest takes during his political campaign is his belief that the coronavirus is manmade. Alongside that belief, must also be one about the police of Huntington Beach being in collaboration with the federal government. A video circulating shows Ortiz get in a heated argument with the citizen.

In the video, Ortiz tells the citizen that he is not a politician. However, he was just sworn in as an elected official a few weeks ago. As the argument escalated, Ortiz took steps closer towards the citizen and then told the man to back away from him. Police were allegedly called to deescalate the issue. 

Second Thoughts

As a devout supporter of US President Donald Trump, Ortiz shares similar ideals, principles, and marketing strategies as the former President. As far as his political career goes, expect his term to get weirder and weirder each passing day that Ortiz has to speak in a microphone, or on the camera. 

Currently, a petition is circulating to get Ortiz out of office. He’s only been in office for 17 days.

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