Tito Ortiz holds a press conference to proclaim his innocence

We’ll try to limit the ‘Jennito Scandal’ updates to once a day. Since the story was published yesterday, Jenna Jameson has gone from ‘absolutely wanting to press charges of alleged domestic violence’ to ‘trying to work it out’. TMZ released a picture of Jenna walking out of a CVS with a brace on her arm which indicates that Tito either saw a black Volkswagen bug and hit her really hard in the arm, or the domestic abuse allegations resulted from Tito Ortiz grabbing/shaking Jenna. There has also been a rumor floating around the net that all of this resulted from Jenna’s addiction to oxycontin. This morning, Tito Ortiz held a press conference in order to squash the rumors and call me crazy but…I believe him. [Source]


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