Tim Kennedy Details Harrowing Rescues Of Fox Journalist In Ukraine & 17,000+ People In Afghanistan

Tim Kennedy shared his experience of rescuing a Fox reporter in Ukraine as well as thousands of people in Afghanistan

Tim Kennedy, Benjamin Hall
Credit: MMA Fighting, Benjamin Hall (via YouTube & Twitter)

Former UFC fighter Tim Kennedy recently rescued a Fox journalist from Ukraine.

Fox news correspondent Benjamin Hall, who was assigned to duty on the frontlines of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, was badly injured while reporting from Kyiv. He was in a local hospital for two days before Kennedy’s team was able to rescue him.

Motivated by the controversial withdrawal by US forces from Afghanistan, Chad Robichaux, Sarah Verardo, Nick Palmisciano, and Tim Kennedy came together to form Save Our Allies in an effort to help those affected by the decision.

Tim Kennedy shares the rescue of Benjamin Hall

Tim Kennedy, a decorated green beret and former professional mixed martial artist detailed the latest rescue by his non-profit Save Our Allies. In a recent appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Kennedy detailed the rescue of Benjamin Hall by his non-profit.

“He was a frontline, like a war correspondent, a journalist for Fox right here in New York. He was targeted by Russia, he was over in Ukraine, close to the frontlines just reporting on the ground. I mean full press stuff.

“This wasn’t like, ‘hey that guy might be a spy or that might be a combatant’. It was like press, right, press, the guy with him died. Actually most of the people in his vehicle died.”

Kennedy went on to explain how the rescue operation came to fruition after initial contact from Fox. While he couldn’t give out names or locations, he shared the harrowing process that took place to save Hall’s life.

“The ground team in Ukraine created this fantastical thing out of the movies about how to secretly get to him, how to save his life, keep the blood in his body we only have so much, and then smuggle him out of Ukraine, and then smuggle him into a military medical system so he ended up getting medical care as if he was a US soldier, which is the best in the world.”

Kennedy’s non-profit helped move 17,000+ people from Afghanistan

Last August, Kennedy’s team went to Afghanistan following news of the withdrawal of troops by the United States. In an impressive feat, Save Our Allies managed to get more than 17,000 people out of the war-torn country.

“We’re at 17,000 people right now. We moved 12,000 people in 10 days, second only to the US government. If you took every single group on the planet that went there during the fall of Afghanistan, and then multiply it by ten, they didn’t move what we moved. There’s four of us on the ground”

“The stuff that Save Our Allies is doing, still in Afghanistan, still in neighbouring countries we have safehouses where we have people that we rescued out of Afghanistan that are currently in safehouses that we get through the immigration process.”

Kennedy’s team and their rescue efforts have helped save thousands of lives with that of Hall being the latest. Although he mentioned his discontentment with the way Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, his NGO Save Our Allies continues to carry out the mission of helping the national allies.

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