This will be coming to your Xbox 360/PS3 in October…

We’re fans of EA Sports MMA not just because our official Green MiddleEasy shirts will be included in the game as walk-out shirts. Not at all. We’ve been a fan since the game was first unveiled to the media last year in Chicago. Essentially, we’re a fan of any game that enables us to virtually punch someone in the face inside of a locked cage. We’ve even made a list about the top ten MMA games you never knew existed just to illustrate that we truly have no social life. Really, who else would illegally obtain a copy of UFC Undisputed 2010 a week before it’s released just to burn in a bizarre, absinthe inspired video? EA Sports MMA is about three months away from rocking your console with an array of twenty-minute rounds, head stomps and above all else, soccer kicks. In the meantime, let’s watch Vladimir Matyushenko get soccer kicked in a never-ending loop of awesome.

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