This Wanderlei Silva UFC 132 preview will make you want to stomp things

Something is wrong in the matrix. The Fight Matrix that is. My favorite MMA ranking system (aside from the Frate Trane list) doesn’t even have Wand ranked in the middleweight division (or 205) as of June 19th, 2011. This has to be in error. Maybe a polo wearing tech spilled his low calorie Vitamin Water on the ever evolving supercomputer that is the Fight Matrix and shorted out the motherboard. Or maybe this is a sign that humans still can control the world. We will take it back from the machines. Perhaps the once thought infallible CPU has made a mistake a man never would: leaving Wanderlei Silva off of a top 200 list.

To cool off I’m going to watch the official UFC Wand/Leban preview then stomp a few things around my house.

Turns out I didn’t read the small print at the top of the page; the Fight Matrix supercomputer leaves fighters off the list that haven’t competed in over 450 days. Wanderlei hasn’t fought for over 480 at this point. Pfft.


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