This UFC on FOX primetime promo will make you want to kick something, anything

If you look real closely at this UFC on FOX primetime promo footage, you can see me for more than a second. This press conference took place at the W Hotel in Hollywood, which is right next to this amazing bar called ‘Dillion’s.’ Every waitress there is like a weird hybrid of an ‘Irish/Japanese school girl‘ since they all rock green plaid skirts and prance around like they just scored 10,000 on their pocket-sized Tamagotchi Gigapet. Prior to the press conference, my initial plan was to attend the event and then stop over in Dillion’s for a drink. However, it was dyslexia day on September 20th, so I ended up spending entirely too much time in Dillion’s before the event.

That day, I didn’t drop kick any inanimate object, but I’m sure you will when you see this UFC on FOX primetime promo, a trailer for a ‘countdown-like’ episode that will premiere this Sunday on FOX. [Source]

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