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This fight just made my day

This fight just made my day

Fights like this just make MMA great. Hands down. This is the best possible news anyone can receive right now. The economy could magically fix itself, Darfur could be de-genocided and it wouldnt compare to this match-up between Brett Rogers and Andrei Arlovski. I want to deck my functioning alcoholic neighbor right in the ear out of pure excitement from this fight and its all happening on June 6th live on Showtime. Brett ‘The Grim’ Rogers or as I like to call him the ‘Black Fedor‘ (yep, that’s what i said) has a record of 9-0 with 8 of his fights ending by KO. Still not a fan? Well check this out, all of his fights ended in the first round except his most recent against Abongo Humphrey. 

And Arlovski…well he gets chicks like this. That’s really all you need to know (oh and the whole Fedor aced him in the first round thing). 

Read more about this fight here.

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