This Ariel Helwani interview with Rampage Jackson is hilarious

There are 300 some odd pounds of NASA satellite hurling itself toward the earth today. No one knows for sure where it will hit, for all we know it could come crashing through the roof of your home and vaporize you into millions of carcinogenic dust particles. If you have an Android phone you can protect yourself from being obliterated by a giant hunk of burning space metal by tracking the path of this descending satellite. You can also download the MiddleEasy app. Wow, it sure is nice to be an Android user right about now.

This could very well be your last few hours on this planet thanks to a random satellite attack. You should probably spend this time doing something that will make you laugh, instead of worrying about all of the MMA you will miss this weekend if you do end up biting the space dust today. We care and we are here to help you through these potential final hours. Think of us like your own personal hospice, but without the sponge baths or diaper changing and wet wipes. Check out this hilarious video of Ariel Helwani interviewing Rampage Jackson and featuring a guest molestation appearance by Cheick Kongo. [source

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