There just may be a Strikeforce/IGN conspiracy afoot

Before reading this article, my only request is that you put on your tinfoil hat. You know, so the government can’t read your brainwaves. It’s like conspiracy theory 101. All of my baseball hats are lined with aluminum foil just to prevent the government from tapping into my cerebellum. The only drawback is that in a thunderstorm, I’m a friggin walking lightning rod. Yesterday, Ariel Helwani twittered (twatted) something regarding an article written by IGN. In the article, the writers chose to create a digital representation of Mauro Ranallo, the commentator of Strikeforce in UFC Undisputed 2010. That’s the extent of the conspiracy. No single bullet theories or multiple shooters. It’s just a videogame people. So am I on to something or just incredibly paranoid? Or the alternative, today has been a slow day in MMA news.


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