The TUF 11 Coaching Conspiracy

I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was line my baseball cap with tin foil so my brain waves would be safe from government intruders. In fact, I didn’t even wear my usually Yankees cap, I’m actually wearing a tin foil-lined Phillies cap just to be even more incognito as I write this article in my bathtub. It’s one of those mornings where I’ve confirmed a sizable conspiracy, and as it unfolds, I have to be secretive so that Zuffa doesn’t send assassins after me. This type of stuff happens all the time, but rarely are rumors actually backed up by photographic evidence. Let’s be clear, I’m not telling you what to believe, but the photos speak for themselves…

Season 11 of the Ultimate fighter was supposed to feature Chuck Liddell coaching alongside Tito Ortiz, but according to these photos, it appears as though the Rich Franklin rumors you’ve heard have at least SOME validity. Maybe not, who knows? This could be UFC’s way of throwing us off like they did last season by keeping us tuned in under that pretense that Kimbo would “bang again”. If you look deeper into those photos, there’s even a grassy knoll where I Lee Harvey Oswald is hanging out, having a picnic. This is just creepy. [Source]

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