The most Bizarre MMA fights ever!

In the past 20 years we had the opportunity to see unknown fighters became into Idols, and Idols became into unknown persons… but what we can denied, it´s the fact that we all enjoyed amazing fights, and the raising of a whole new culture of fighting.

Like in any other human activity, we´re are destined to do some freak things, and even do Americans try their best, those Japanese are far beyond our limits!

In order to illustrated this point, I selected some of the most freak shows in the net, some articles on sports websites like do highlight this events. So you can agree with me, that no matter how hard we try, this guys are at the top of the bizarre fights, so let´s start with this list of the most Bizarre MMA fights ever!

1.) Oleg Taktarov vs. Mark Kerr

YAMMA Pit Fighting, 4/11/08

Ok, we got two former UFC champions, on their last days of their careers. What makes this a freak show, it´s their lack of physical condition to stand on their feet for more than 30 seconds!

2.) Fedor Emelianenko vs. Zuluzinho

Pride Shockwave 2005, 12/31/05

How can I describe this one? In this corner, with over 400 pounds, Zuluzinho, a massive 6´7 black wall and a scary opponent for most of the people on the earth! But not for Fedor, who requires only two punches to show those Japanese that size doesn´t matter (at least for him!)…

3.) Ikuhisha Minowa vs. Butterbean

Pride Bushido 12, 8/26/06

Remember Butterbean? The fat ass boxer? Well, back in 2006, Japan adopted him, and setup a series of fights against their local cartoon hero, like Minowaman. Even do, it looks like an unmatched fight, Butterbean forgot the millenary and ancient Japanese´s skill to hunt and kill whales! So, it was a matter of time only.

4.) Kimbo Slice vs. Tank Abbott

EliteXC: Street Certified, 2/16/08

This is what I called a backyard fight with spotlights! The fight is very intense, and what really makes it memorable, it´s that you can see Kimbo Slice winning a professional fight!

5.) Ikuhisa Minowa vs. Giant Silva

PRIDE Bushido 10, 4/2/06
<iframe scrolling=”no” marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ width=”890″ height=”501″ frameborder=”0″ src=”″ allowfullscreen ></iframe>

Maybe the name Giant Silva sounds like an exaggeration, but when you see this 7´2” guy, for can have a better idea about what giant means. On the other side, Japanese local hero, “Minowaman” takes no hesitation to force the tap out. I actually feel sorry for the big guy.

6.) Jose Canseco vs. Hong Man Choi

DREAM.9 Super Hulk Tournament, 5/26/09

I love this one! Ha-ha and I have a very logic explanation for what happened here. Let´s assume that Canseco spent all his money, and the profits for his book. Their former MLB coworkers, collect some money, and hired this 7´2” south-Korean to kick his ass well kicked. Hit me back if you find a better explanation.

7.) Bob Sapp vs. Kinniku Mantaro

Fields Dynamite!! 2008, 12/31/08

Can cartoon super heroes win a MMA fight? I guess the answer is yes, if you live in Japan, and Godzilla it´s a real threatened for you and your beloved ones. But, even in Japan, isn´t a good idea at all to adjust your mask in front of a former NFL player…

8.) Royce Gracie vs. Akebono

K-1 Dynamite 2004, 12/31/04

Another Japanese freak shows…it seems like there´s no limit for the creativity of the organizers. This time, sumo wrestler Akebono faced Brazilian-fighter Royce Gracie. A submission was the final, thanks to the referee, while a static Akebono saw how his elbow turned almost 90 degrees!

9.) Hong Man Choi vs. Fedor/Cro Cop

Yarennoka!, 12/31/07 & K-1 Dynamite 2008, 12/31/08

The “Techno Goliath” is in this list again, for several reasons, like his hair, his Hip-Hop career, and most likely, for the pleasure to see this unmatched fight! Fedor repeats as well, like some kind of Giant-Hunter!

10.) Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Bob Sapp

Pride Shockwave, 8/28/02
<iframe frameborder=”0″ width=”890″ height=”501″ src=”” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Bob Sapp is probably the most known American in the martial arts in Japan, starring several freak shows they called fights. Unfortunately for Sapp, he faced one of the current legends of the MMA, “Big Nog” Nogueira, a guy that loves to take punishment, loves to fight masked guys and according to some people, loves to make sure of the outcome of some events. Quite an interesting description…

Published on May 5, 2010 at 9:03 pm
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