The Fedor/Rogers bettings odds are out and…wow

Now that I finally have a little money in my Sportsbook account I was feeling a little frisky and thought I would see what else I could drop cash on. Frisky? Wtf. I never use that word. Damn, where did that come from? That was not planned. That was not in the MiddleEasy itinerary. Frisky is a brand of cat food. Frisky is a way to describe Sandra Bullock. Frisky is what I am not.

So while I was checking out the odds (in a non-frisky way), I noticed that the Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brett Rogers odds are finally up and…wow. For those of you who actually have their moralities still intact, those numbers mean that if you place $100 on Brett Rogers and he wins, you will win $475.00 and walk away (it’s online, no walking involved) with a total of $575.00. Alternatively, if you place your money on the man that uses roman spears and cinder blocks for eating utensils, then you’ll come home with $14.81. That’s it. Just enough money to cover that box of Corona your buddy Alex will probably steal from your later that night.



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