The fact that Melvin Manhoef is training his ground in preparation for Tim Kennedy should not surprise you

How many people would know what a purple horseshoe looks like if Lucky Charms never existed? Sure you could go up to a horse, but good luck yanking its foot up. If you manage to accomplish the task, what’s the chance the horseshoe is going to be purple? Extremely small. Yeah, I pose questions and then answer them in the same paragraph. I also like my purple horseshoes next to green clovers that are soaked in milk. A marshmallow horseshoe can only exist in a universe inside a cereal bowl. I can’t imagine anywhere else that it will be accepted. Melvin Manhoef wouldn’t stand for it. He comes off as a guy that would take a bowl of Lucky Charms and intimidate a purple horseshoe until it turns into a green clover, and then question the worth of every marshmallow in his cereal bowl. Damn, that’s a ridiculous introduction to this video of Melvin Manhoef training his ground game for his upcoming fight with Tim Kennedy at Strikeforce: Ohio.

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