The age of Machida

Well you saw it yourself. When Europe went into the renaissance era, everyone had to step up their game to just keep up with what was being produced around them. Philosophy had to step it up, more hot nude chicks were created in paintings with anatomic perfection…it was a redefinition of thought.

Now, starting in 2009, Welcome to the Machida era. MMA will never be the same after this dude. Fighting Machida is like trying to put together a 1,000 piece puzzle with your hands tied behind your back…in the dark. I’m pretty sure everyone is simultaneously kicking theirself in the ass for not sticking to Karate when they were in elementary school. I know I am. How can anyone stop this guy?

The only thing left is Rampage vs. Machida…but after last night, I can’t think of a single person at light heavyweight that can even match this dude’s style. If Lyoto is Ryu…there needs to be a Ken (or a Sagat for you SFII geeks). 

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