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That Jersey Shore ground and pound beat down from last night

This week we interviewed Phil Baroni and the first question was asked him was in regards to The Jersey Shore on MTV. Dude told us that the show is 100% authentic and justly represents every ‘guido’ in the the Jersey/NYC area. It was a great interview, one that should have been up days ago…but the audio didn’t record. An entire interview wasted, now today we have to call Phil again and hope he gives us relatively the same answers. All of this was obviously before last night’s episode where Ronnie pulls a clunky takedown, full mounts him and even throws some brutal ground and pound on the guy. So far, The Jersey Shore has been complete win this season. It all goes down at the 5:30 mark and props to whoever placed a video camera on their TV at an angle. Old school piracy ftw.


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