Team USA East vs. Team Bulgaria…TONIGHT!

You’ve finished the marathon of the week and Friday is your reward. Besides grabbing a strawberry daiquiri (a man’s drink) and cuddling on your futon with your cardboard cut out of Erin Toughill to watch Inside MMA, you can see M-1 Global’s Team USA East vs. Team Bulgaria tonight at 8pm eastern. I just allocated that time slot in your life to watch free and exclusive MMA. There’s no need to thank me for it as I’m sure you’re used to these Friday M-1 Global articles by now. Team Brazil vs. Team USA made us realize that Eduardo Pamplona’s chin is made out of adamantium. Team Turkey vs. Team Germany proved that Germany still has a long way to go in the MMA game. Team Russia vs. The world (how wonderfully cliche) made me realize that my functional alcoholic neighbor won’t stop screaming if her ‘baby’s daddy’ is 30 minutes late to pick up their kid so she can go back to doing what she does best…nothing. 

The chick in the picture is Vania Rangelova and she’s Miss Maxim: Bulgaria. She’s like the walking personification of everything you want in life but can never have….because she’s sitting on my sofa watching Family Guy in the living room of my imagination. 


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