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Take Uncle Chael by the hand and go on a tour of Team Quest

Take Uncle Chael by the hand and go on a tour of Team Quest

It’s New Years Eve, time for the annual resolution to lose that gut. You’re really going to do it this time. You know, head on down to Wal Mart, buy that food steamer and really do it. There is no time like now! Our bodies are our machines and they’re the only temples we have, so worship them by finally going out and joining Team Quest like you’ve always told yourself that you would. This is veteran WEC fighter and Oregon politician Chael Sonnen. You may remember him from Off the Record with Michael Landsberg. He’s here to show you around and answer any questions that you have. Please stay together and for God’s sake keep your hands to yourself. That should be your second New Years resolution…keeping your hands to yourself.

Take it away Chael.


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