Surprise, Mark Coleman’s ‘Hammerhouse’ doesn’t even exist

Sorry to break the news. Actually, it wasn’t me. My name doesn’t start with ‘New York Badass’. Blame Phil Baroni for shattering all that weird romanticism attached to a place called Team Hammerhouse. Phil Baroni just turned into the dude in your second grade class that told you Santa Claus wasn’t real. Check out what Phil Baroni said in regards to Mark Coleman’s pride and imaginary joy: Team Hammerhouse.

There’s no gym Hammerhouse. There’s no gym in Ohio. There’s no–you know Coleman’s out here in Vegas training me. He’s staying at the Palace Station. There’s no team. I never went to train with Team Hammerhouse. It’s just [expletive]. Coleman’s just a good marketer. He’s telling me he wants to open up a Hammerhouse gym in Ohio. He’d like to do that some day. It was just a bunch of guys fighting under a flag you know what I mean? They didn’t train together. I never really trained with Coleman. He’s way too big. He would corner me and we’d have conversations on the phone. It’s not a gym. It was something in Japan that they marketed. They just made the team more than what it is. There is no Hammerhouse. Hammerhouse is a punching bag on Coleman’s porch. I’ve seen pictures of it. It’s just an old punching bag. I’ve never even been to Coleman’s house.

Bummer. Someone needs to take a picture of that punching bag on Coleman’s porch. At least he still has Tracy Lee to grab in awkward after-party pictures. [Source]

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