Stephen Thompson Brutalizes Bodybuilder Houston Jones With Leg Kicks (VIDEO)

Bodybuilder and YouTube Houston Jones Got More Than He Bargained For When He Tried Seeing How Many Leg Kicks He Could Take From Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thompson
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Bodybuilder and YouTuber Houston Jones calls himself a human punching bag because of his tendency to put himself in positions where he will get hurt. This proved to be the case again when he asked UFC fighter Stephen Thompson to kick him in the leg, just to see how it feels.

In case you have never seen “Wonderboy” Thompson in the Octagon, he is something of a kicking expert. The Karate and Kickboxing champ has some of the deadliest legs in the UFC, separating many foes from their consciousness with a variety of kicking techniques. All the while, he has maintained his place as one of the nicest and most friendly people on the roster as well.


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Leg Kicks From Stephen Thompson Are Painful

Enter Houston Jones, a bodybuilder and YouTuber known for putting himself through brutal challenges, simply to test his mettle. He decided to visit Stephen Thompson and present an odd request: he wanted to see how many leg kicks he could take from “Wonderboy.” The subsequent video was uploaded to Instagram, where you can see the athlete struggle to take one clean kick, before trying to run from the second, then dropping to the floor on the third one.


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🤣🤣 my foot still hurts!! @sportscenter with @make_repost ・・・ He wanted to see how many kicks he could take from a UFC fighter. 😳 (via @houstonwjones)

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In case you have never had the pleasure of getting kicked in the leg by a martial artist, it is quite painful to say the least. Then when you add someone as skilled as Stephen Thompson, it is no surprise that Houston Jones’s leg was already bruised. There must be something seriously wrong with the bodybuilder for volunteering for such punishment.

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