Start your day with Overeem physically dominating a Polish reporter

I can sing Happy Birthday in Polish and make delicious pierogi’s from scratch, I am Polish. I have endured a lifetime of Polish jokes of the screen door on a submarine variety, but I hold no ill will to the horrible, horrible racism and mocking my people have lived through. We deserve it. The moment we charged German tanks with our horse calvary we would be mocked forever. I get the ballsy intention, they wanted to go out on their shields, but why did you have to bring the horses with you? Also, why not start a guerrilla campaign against the Germans, resulting in a better K/D ratio? Stupid Polacks.

There is probably a Polish joke in this video and I leave it up to the comment section to come up with them. Just let it be known that this guy got what he deserved when he asked to be ‘knocked over’ while making a punching motion ‘because of K-1’.


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