Sorry to the other 500 UFC fighters, Reebok is now selling only eight different UFC fighter jerseys

Is Reebok trying to sabotage their deal with the UFC? The latest blunder between the sports apparel brand and the Super Bowl of mixed martial arts is the removal of roughly 500 Fight Kits from Reebok’s online store. You remember when the partnership launched a big selling point to fan the flames of online MMA backlash was the fact that fighters would get a small (very small) percentage of every item sold with their name on it.

Well for the past several days Reebok has slowly but surely removed the Fight Kits of every fighter off their website except a select few. Only eight fighters have personalized jerseys available for sale currently from Reebok.  Sorry to the rest of the UFC roster who no longer have a chance to get in on that sweet UFC Reebok Fight Kit money.

Hat tip to foamyguy on Reddit for the find 

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