Chael Sonnen Prefers Conor McGregor Facing Nick Diaz Over Dustin Poirier

McGregor Has Been Offered A Fight With Poirier To Take Place In January According To UFC President Dana White

McGregor Sonnen
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Chael Sonnen wants to see Conor McGregor in action again — just not against Dustin Poirier.

After expressing his frustration at his inactivity due to various factors, McGregor proposed a charity mixed martial arts fight with Poirier earlier this week. It seemed to have real legs to it as UFC president Dana White would go on to make an official offer for a UFC fight soon after.

Poirier has since accepted the fight while a response from McGregor is still being awaited. While Sonnen will always be down to watch McGregor fight as opposed to not fight, as far as he is concerned, he would rather see the Irishman face someone else, especially if he is only targeting fun fights. Someone like a Nick Diaz.

“I don’t know that I want him to take the fight,” Sonnen told Submission Radio. “… I just think there’s more interesting things out there. What are we doing with Nick Diaz by example?

“If Conor is looking to contend and come back for a championship, okay great. But the only one that’s saying that is Dana White. I’ve never heard Conor say that he wants to do that. … If we’re only having Conor at rare times and they’re just for fun, spectacles, let’s make it the funnest spectacle we can.”

McGregor vs. Diaz In 2021?

Diaz hasn’t competed since 2015 but has hinted at making a comeback next year.

A comeback fight against McGregor would certainly be a lucrative and heated affair, especially given the history between the former two-weight champion and Diaz’s younger brother Nate.

And while Sonnen maintains he would okay with McGregor vs. Poirier II if the former planned on becoming a contender again, he just hasn’t heard him say that.

“I haven’t heard Conor do that,” Sonnen added. “He wants to box this day, go 155 this day and go 170. It looks like he’s just having fun. I’m all for it.

“But I don’t get what’s fun about Poirier. They’ve already fought. Why are we here? What’s the point of this?”

You can watch the full snippet below:

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