Siyar Bahadurzada says Strikeforce messed up his entire 2011 career

If words were insanely unbalanced power-ups in a first person shooter, Siyar Bahadurzada has just entered ‘God Mode‘ with this interview from Tomas Rios’ SnarkFights. Earlier today, Siyar hopped on Twitter to vent some frustration about the promotion that he thought he signed with back in 2010. Siyar has now made a statement of pantheon-level proportions regarding just about everyone at Strikeforce.

“It made no f—ing sense, man!”

“They came to me and my management! They wanted me to fight for them. These a——s… [Strikeforce President]Scott Coker and [Strikeforce Matchmaker]Rich Chou couldn’t even return a call after talking about how they’re so excited to have me in Strikeforce.”

“They’ve been d**king me around for 10 months, man. 10 f—ing months of my career they d**ked me around. I turned down some big opportunities because of this s–t. Bellator offered me a contract for good money and we told them no because of the Strikeforce contract. If these motherf—–s didn’t want me, all they had to do was say so and fine. Instead, Scott ‘Pig F—-r” Coker and Rich ‘F–k’ Chou want to play games with me!

“It’s bulls—, man. It’s their f—ing contract, they sent it to my management. We didn’t make the contract, they did and they sent it to us.”

“Let me tell you, I will never accept a f—ing penny from Strikeforce, but I will do this… they have their welterweight champion Nick Diaz fighting [Evangelista Santos] this Saturday. I will fight the winner for free in Strikeforce and if I lose I will retire from MMA. I want you to understand I love MMA, it is the only thing I have in my life that I love so understand how serious I am when I make this challenge to a bunch of clowns I f—ing hate. If Strikeforce accepts, I guarantee you I will knock out their champion.”

Holy wow. Props to Siyar for placing his entire MMA career on the line in a fight that he would take without getting paid. If this world was constructed on how ballsy you are in life, Siyar would sit atop a throne somewhere in Maryland. [Source]

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