Shogun Rua is not a fan of Shine Fights

You’ve been following the Don King/Shine Fights drama that has transpired last week, you even have the t-shirt to prove it. In short, Shine Fights was going to headline their third event with Ricardo Mayorga in his MMA debut. Don King claimed that Ricardo was still under a promotional contract with him. Shine Fights didn’t care, Don King won his court ruling and the judge insisted Don King post one million one dollar bills to prevent the fight from occurring. No one thought Don King would pay seven figures to have a fight canceled, until Don King literally walked in the court room with two duffel bags filled to the brim with money. Shine Fights was ordered to cease it’s operations that Saturday night by the North Carolina Athletic Commission which left a lot of pissed off patrons all dressed up and no where to go. The cancellation of Shine Fights also left Ninja Rua with no fight and most importantly, no paycheck. According to Rua’s manager, Eduardo Alonso, the fight was canceled while the fighters were in the locker room. However, no one was as pissed from the abrupt cancellation than UFC light heavyweight champion (damn it feels good to type that) Shogun Rua. Check out what he tweeted (twatted?) over the weekend.


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