Jake Shields on Training with Francis Ngannou: “I See Him in a Year or Two Being Unbeatable”

Jake Shields trained with Francis Ngannou and believes that he will be unbeatable in two years due to his grappling, even against Jon Jones

Image of Jake Shields via Instagram: @JakeShields
Image of Jake Shields via Instagram: @JakeShields

UFC veteran Jake Shields spent time training in grappling with Francis Ngannou before his heavyweight title victory. Shields spoke about Francis and his grappling ability with the media. 

Shields dominated the 2000s MMA scene with his high-level grappling. In the past, Jake has been named a collegiate All-American in wrestling and a Gold medalist in the BJJ Pan American Championships. Heading into UFC 260, Shields spent time grappling with Ngannou as Francis prepared for his much-anticipated rematch with Stipe Miocic. 

Shields on Training Grappling with Francis Ngannou

Speaking to the media, Shields documented the time spent with Francis. As well as his skillset when it comes to wrestling. 

“I wouldn’t say I was his coach or anything,” said Shields. “I would help him (Ngannou) here and there. As far as his ability, he’s phenomenal. I show him something and then the next day he’s doing it. I see him in a year or two being unbeatable.”

After Shields explained his training analysis, he spoke about Ngannou’s dominant heavyweight championship victory against Miocic. Like fans, Shields was impressed by the ability of Francis to stuff Stipe’s takedowns.

“People don’t realize, he likes to wrestle and grapple now. He likes to take guys down and beat them up. So, people are going to be real surprised. I hope Dana puts that Jon Jones fight together, that’s what we all want to see.”

Facing Jon Jones and the Rest of the Heavyweights 

Although Shields has never picked against Jon Jones in a fight, he believes that a matchup against Francis would change that. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever picked against Jon Jones but this might be the first time I do it. I don’t know. I’m not gonna give a prediction yet. I gotta think about that one. See how Jon’s looking in training and Francis.”

Shields favors Ngannou over not just Jones but also says that anyone at heavyweight defeating him is an unlikely scenario. 


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