Shane Carwin approves of this picture

I hope this kid realizes that at the last UFC Fan Expo, that guy on the piece of cardboard literally pulverized Frank Mir in front of an audience of millions. Dude is like the level boss on Double Dragon 2. Brock’s neck and chin is connected by a forcefield of hardass that is impenetrable by the normal human fist. All that extra meat connecting his head to his shoulders renders him impossible to KO. So T’ing off at his head will only make him aware that you’re in the cage with him (which can never be a good thing). Fortunately, Shane Carwin doesn’t have a ‘normal human fist’.

Shane Carwin took time out from his training of…boxing silverback gorillas and wrestling Yetis to attend the UFC Fan Expo and sign a picture of a Brock Lesnar cardboard cutout with the words ‘Shane’s Bitch’ on it. Also, check out Carwin’s bling. Dude has enough ice to even make King Mo blush. [Source]

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