Sean O’Connell Gives His Opponent a Pizza at PFL2 Weigh Ins and Then Knocks Him Out

Sean O’Connell just seems like an awesome, chill guy. Imagine going through the stress of a weight cut, and being award by the man you will fight with a pizza. That’s nearly a dream scenario. I’d eat a slice immediately too, the the face offs. I kind of thought it was a bitch move he didn’t eat a whole slice. I know Chicago deep dish is filing, but it’s free pizza my guy.

This definitely tops the time Sean O’Connell did rock, paper, scissors, shoot.


All weigh-in gimmicks aside, props to Sean O’Connell. He probably has a legit case for being the hardest member of the MMA media. Don’t ever forget that he and Steve Bosse went to glorious war back in 2016.

O’Connell followed up the pizza give away by defeating Ronny Markes by TKO in the 2nd round, earning some weird amount of points like 5 because the PFL has some crazy scoring system for their tournament. Which is actually pretty cool.

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