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Scott Coker says he feels confident Strikeforce will be around for several years

Scott Coker says he feels confident Strikeforce will be around for several years

Whatever Christmas cards Dana White has in store for the media this year, the Showtime Network should not expect a seasons greeting. You guys don’t remember last year’s Christmas card? When you open it up, you can hear Dana White say ‘So you wanna be a [expletive] fighter?’. If you flip the card over, there’s a picture of Dana White wearing a shirt with the words ‘Tito Ortiz is my [expletive]’. In fact, the entire thing is filled with expletives. It’s more like a collection of unsolicited verbal warnings, than a ‘Hope your family is doing well’ card.

It’s well known that Lorenzo Fertitta is the ZUFFA liaison to Strikeforce due to a few public disagreements Dana White had with the network over the past few years. According to Scott Coker in this interview, he believes negotiations are going so well between the two parties that he feels confident Strikeforce will be around for several years.

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