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Ryan Healy just hustled his way to a decision over Paul Kelly

Ryan Healy just hustled his way to a decision over Paul Kelly

I’m guessing that for most people reading, the mention of Liverpool will conjure up images of The Beatles and The Cavern Club or perhaps the soccer teams, Liverpool FC and Everton FC. If you’re from the UK you’ll immediately think of the Scouse accent, mustaches and destitution. Because of this, Paul Kelly’s nickname ‘Tellys’ is rumoured to have come about because that was his trademark theft item as a kid. This of course is ridiculously untrue although it does sound believable. No, his nickname came from the swagger he developed after garnering a reputation as one of the toughest fighters on the UK scene. His coach decided he was swaggering around the cage as if he had a television under each arm, hence the nickname.

I really wish his nickname was due to his propensity to steal televisions though, because that would be a fantastic segue into how Ryan Healy just came in and took a victory from him just like a playground bully taking lunch money from whoever he wants. Healy straight hustled his way to a unanimous decision victory by way of superior wrestling, dirty boxing and as Phil Baroni said, “nuts and guts”. Well done Ryan Healy.

Thanks to IronForgesIron for the video.

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