Ryan Bader vs. Eric Schafer in UFC 104

Bader just fought April 1st against Carmelo Marrero which essentially was like 3 rounds of a bad April Fool’s joke on Marrero. Ryan Bader dominated (as usual) and he got the W (as usual). During the fight, the dude tore ligaments in his body that most people didnt even know existed and he’s been sidelined for a few months. But tearing ligaments for Bader is like stubbing your toe for a normal human being. It sucks for a couple of minutes, then you look around the room to see if anyone witnessed you holding your foot like a school girl (school girls are usually gangster…except when they stub their toes).

When any light-heavyweight is 9-0 you really should be taking notice (it ensures you a place in the ‘People I won’t KO’ list). Dude’s healthy, ruthless and will have a planned altercation with Eric Schafer at UFC 104. If he gets passed Schafer, Bader will have a double digit perfect record and if all the planets are aligned…he should have a shot at the light-heavyweight belt and perhaps end the era of Machida. Yeah, I’m getting ridunkulously ahead of myself but UFC 100 is in a few days and it’s like the entire MMA world just got injected with a giant Energizer battery. War Bader. [Source]

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