Rumor: UFC wants GSP vs. Nate Diaz at lightweight with the winner facing Conor McGregor?

Nate Diaz vs. GSP?

Bring on the chaos. If rumors hold true, and everything Dana White says should be taken at a rumor in 2018, Nate Diaz vs. Georges St. Pierre is being talked about for UFC 227 in August.

A Diaz vs. a GSP fight in 2018 has to equal the winner facing off with Conor McGregor in New York City down the line? The UFC could get not one but two money fights with this triangle of box office boss battles.

Throw in the return of Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar, and all of sudden the uFC is staring down a damn good 2018.

Appearing on the UFC owned and operated ‘UFC Unfiltered Podcast’, White broke down how we may end up with Diaz vs. GSP at 155 pounds.

“But we are working right now to put together a Georges St-Pierre vs Nate Diaz fight. It is true, and they would fight at 155-pounds.”

“In my perfect world, if everything goes perfect, and nothing ever goes perfect in this world, UFC 227 will have Dillashaw vs Garbrandt, GSP vs Diaz would be the co-main, Gustafsson vs Rockhold and Brunson vs Antonio Carlos Jr.”

Say what now? M

MA journalist of the year for like 12 years running, Ariel Helwani has sources that are telling him different things.

Not. Buying. It.

Who do we believe?

If St. Pierre wants one more fight in the UFC, then why not do it versus Nate Diaz? At 155 pounds instead of 170 pounds? Maybe the prize at the end of the Reebok fight kit colored rainbow is a lightweight title rather than a McGregor money fight?

Who knows but the UFC could sell a GSP vs. Diaz Bros rivalry on pay-per-view with their eyes wide shut.

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