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Rory MacDonald takes out Saffiedine in the 3rd round, respectfully demands title shot

Rory MacDonald takes out Saffiedine in the 3rd round, respectfully demands title shot

With it being almost two and a half years since Rory MacDonald finished a fight and Tarec Saffiedine being a man who’s never been finished, we expected a tough fight that would probably go well past 2am Halifax time. Thankfully Rory MacDonald sent everyone home with that warm feeling of violence in their tummies, something he dwells upon when he contemplates the vast ether of the universe in his secret lab. You know, the one located directly behind the bookshelf in his study.

Neighbors always said that Rory MacDonald was friendly when they saw him take out the garbage and got the mail. They never expected this from such a soft spoken boy, but he walked through Saffiedines leg kicks, imposed his will and eventually knocked Saffiedine’s block so hard it’ll be tough to deny Rory a title shot. One he asked for in the most polite way possible, but with a look in his eyes that was pure, murder.

In a line, the fight played out like a Halloween movie. Rory walked down Tarec, and despite absorbing blows that would hurt a normal man, he upped his victim count by one more, like clockwork.

Look at this man below. Look at the emotion. Fierce vigor. He almost looks frightened at his own powers as he beats his chest. I wouldn’t be surprised if he looked at his hands and asked himself what he was capable of multiple times a day.

Replay via GussyH on Reddit.

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