Video: Rory MacDonald Got Caught Smiling and Reacted Like Kanye West

Last night, Post-Lawler Soul Stealing Rory MacDonald lost a hard fought decision to Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. However, before the fight the Cerebral Assassin MacDonald was chilling backstage and forgot about the locker room cameras. There was a brief moment that he cracked a smile before noticing someone was recording the slip and he had to go back to being an emotionless destroyer.

[gfycat data_id=”UnsightlyCoordinatedGibbon”]

Maybe he was thinking about a river of blood or his teammate told a joke, but it was there. It was the first moment that MacDonald looked human, before Thompson sealed the deal in combat. It was also eerily similar to something else. I’m talking about the infamous clip of Kanye West smiling and then getting upset when he gets caught.

Has Rory MacDonald been listening to Life of Pablo or some of Kanye’s earlier catalog? Walking out to Korn and then jamming to College Dropout though is a pretty steep jump.

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