Joe Rogan Rips Will Smith For Slapping Chris Rock, Says Smith ‘Took A Sh*t On The Table’

Joe Rogan comments on the Smith-Rock altercation at the Oscars.

Rock Smith
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Joe Rogan wasn’t a fan of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock.

The ‘slap heard around the world’ would occur at the 2022 Oscars. Rock would get hit in the face by Smith after he made a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett. There was quite a few of people siding with Smith, for ‘defending’ his spouse. However, Joe Rogan isn’t exactly ‘team Smith’ following the incident.

Rogan Says It Was Only A ‘Mild Joke’

The UFC commentator didn’t see why Smith would slap Rock after hearing such a ‘mild’ joke. 

“That whole scene doing that in that manner, in that place, is a great example of what’s wrong in the glorification of just being able to go up someone and smack them in the face. That whole thing was so weak,” Rogan said of Smith’s actions on his podcast.

“That was not an insult. It was the most mild joke about her hairstyle in reference to a movie where a lady shaved her head.  The idea that there’s any justification whatsoever of him and smacking him in the face like that… No [there’s not any justification].”

Rogan says Smith was ’emotionally fragile’

It hasn’t been the easiest marriage for Will Smith with Jada Pinkett. The two had some troubles in the past, even with Pinkett exploring an open marriage with her son’s friend. Whatever they’re currently going through, Smith has had enough when it comes to people talking about his wife.

Smith took Rock’s joke as personal, therefore he actioned irrationally. But Rogan didn’t see any malicious intent from Rock for the movie icon to act that ‘staggeringly stupid’.

“How do you have malicious intent in a mild joke? He was emotionally fragile and he acted on impulse in a staggeringly stupid way.”

Smith Was A Like A Character From A Movie

Following the slap, Smith would accept his Oscars award on stage. He’d cry tears, apologizing to the academy for his previous outburst. Rogan pictured that scene like it was from a movie. 

“He was saving face, doing some weird movie thing,” Rogan said of Smith’s apology. He was getting away with it as if he was living in a fictional movie. Like the idea that you think it’s smart while wearing a tuxedo to walk onto a stage in front of the world, one of the biggest award shows on earth, if not the biggest and smack a comedian for the most mild joke. And then sit there quivering saying, ‘keep my wife’s name outta your f*cking mouth’. And everybody’s just gonna sit there in this shit that you just took on the table.

“You just pulled your pants down and took a shit on the dinner table. And they all have just sit there and look at that. That’s what it’s like. It stinks.”

Rogan would continue. 

“It’s just the whole idea behind it is completely irrational. But what I’m saying is like these people live in this fake world of, you’re protected by guards. You’re driven by limos. You’re on the red carpet. You Like all of it is a crazy life. And he’s so goddamn famous. And so, so removed from regular discourse and interaction with regular people that he, for whatever reason in his head acted like he’s a character in a movie.”


Published on March 29, 2022 at 4:02 pm
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  1. I have listened and read all the posts on WILL SMITH VS CHRIS ROCK. And how wrong Will was for what happened, I agree that he
    could have handled it better.
    But here Is my opinion and
    SO HERE IS MY QUESTION …. “HOW MANY OF THE MEN OUT THERE HAS THE BALLS TO STAND UP AND SAY, I WOULD.? Think about this people he was defending HIS WIFE !!!!!!! I can honestly say that my husband would have done the same thing. If you love your wife, truly love her, would you not protect her ?


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