“Right leg hospital, Left leg graveyard.”

It’s no secret that Zeus gets all tingly in strange places when he watches Gilbert Yvel tenderize the flesh of his opponents. Personally, I enjoy watching Mirko Cro Cop liquefy his foes’ brain with the flash of his ankle bone and he’ll be back in the octagon in 13 days 5 hours 15minutes and 32 seconds, but really who’s counting? Aside from skull crushing left high kicks he served a term as a member of Croatian parliament! And as if this wasn’t enough he’s a highly trained terrorist eradicating machine keeping the former Soviet block safe!

His opponent in the upcoming bout will be Mostapha Al Turk who’s coming off a pretty crucial beat down from the toughest thing in France since the Bubonic Plague; Cheick Kongo. I know I’ll be watching and giggling like a school girl at a Jonas Brothers’ concert.

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