Video: Reporter Gets Booed Off Stage For Asking Conor McGregor About Sexual Assault

Conor McGregor
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Reporter Gets Booed For Asking Conor McGregor About Assault Allegations

Mixed martial arts is a fickle beast isn’t it? On the one hand, there was a group of people wanting Conor McGregor to address allegations of sexual assault made against him. On the other hand, when this reporter tried to, he was met with a shower of boos.

McGregor is fighting for the first time in over a year this weekend, at UFC 246. Ahead of the bout, some were wondering if the two allegations of sexual assault levied against him would be addressed. Unfortunately for Morgan Campbell, a reporter at the pre-fight press conference, not everyone wanted those questions addressed.

During the event, Campbell tried his best to ask McGregor about these pending charges. However, before he could ask his first question, boos began raining down from the crowd. It happens just before 15 minutes into the press conference.

Here is the video:

“Hey, a couple quick questions for Conor about your legal issues,” Campbell tried to ask McGregor. “What can you tell us—”

He was interrupted by the boos from the crowd. Also Donald Cerrone, who is fighting McGregor on Saturday, called for a stop to the question, saying they were there to talk about the fight. Moreover, Dana White told Morgan that these questions were already addressed in another interview.

Morgan Campbell was able to confirm that McGregor was not in any danger of being unable to compete, before he sheepishly left the stand. His heart was in the fight place, but his approach was off. Instead of trying to lead into the question, it likely would have had a better effect if he just jumped right in.

Either way, Conor McGregor was silent throughout the whole exchange. It is important to note that while he did somewhat address the situation, he did so vaguely and indirectly. Nevertheless, a press conference with tons of fanboys of Conor’s in attendance is not the best place to ask such a question.

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