Rashad Evans says Jon Jones is not some ‘god’ we all need to pray to at night and he will prove it

In most religions the definition of  ‘god’ includes the embodiment of the ‘omni’ characteristics: omniscience, omnipotence, omnibenevolence and omniprescence. In other words, you have to be all-knowing, all-powerful, all good and present in all things in order for the people to bow before you and call you their supreme leader. This is why humans can’t ever really claim to be ‘god’. We can’t be ‘all’ anything-especially always present.

The closest thing to omnipresence via a human was probably Waco’s David Koresh. He claimed to have impregnated 400 virgins within his commune style cult. Even though Koresh was present within all those women there were men in that commune too, so unless he it can be proven he was laying pipe to the dudes as well; we can’t even consider him God of Waco. David Koresh, so close-yet so far from diety status at the same damn time.

In MMA there are fighters over the years that we have all put on pedestals and worshipped as though they were supreme god-like beings. Fedor, Shogun, Sakuraba, Overeem, Silva and even Jon Jones have all had their MMA moments of divinity. Those beliefs have all been crushed over the years though as all of them have been proven to be mortals via losses at some point in their careers. All of them except Jon Jones that is. His only loss to Matt Hammill via disqualification back in 2009 doesn’t prove his mortality. Until you’ve been knocked out, submitted or just suffered an unquestionable five round beatdown via your opponent your potential immortality remains intact.

According to his latest yahoo sports blog, Rashad Evans wants and plans to discredit any claims to a god-like fighter status that might be surrounding Jon Jones.

“Yeah, I want to beat Jon and prove a point that he’s not this god we all need to pray to at night. He said on live TV that America could learn from him. I Googled it: There are 311,591,917 people living in America right now and Jon Jones thinks that 311,591,916 of them need to learn from him. He’s a drop in a bucket like the rest of us. The guy praises himself going to sleep. But the thing is, opponents have been buying into that, too.”

“Watching at ringside last September at UFC 135, I couldn’t believe the way Quinton “Rampage” Jackson fought Jon. He gave him too much respect and way too much distance. You have to be “in” or “out” with Jon – either out of range looking to come in with strikes and takedowns, or you got to be in his face throwing and pushing his ass against the fence. He’s got too much reach on you to be in the mid-range – that’s his sweet spot – and you can’t get caught out there with him.
The illusion of or the mythical Jon Jones that the other guys fought, it doesn’t exist for me. I know how weak he is mentally – all the doubts he has about himself. I’m going to be the first one to stop this kid.”

“I saw an interview where he says he’s not giving it to me. He don’t have to. I’m taking it from him at UFC 145 on April 21.”

Rashad is going in for the attack on Jon Jones like a secular humanist attacks spiritual religion after being forced to listen to a Bill O’Reilly rant. There’s a mere 12 days left till this religious MMA warfare goes down in Atlanta at UFC 145. [source]

Published on April 9, 2012 at 12:30 pm
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