Rampage Jackson should be approached with extreme caution

Rampage Jackson’s Xbox Live name is RampagexUFCx2. I’ve sent him a friend’s request nearly a month ago, he still never responded. My Xbox Live name is Dummy Smacks. You can send me a friend’s request, chances are I won’t respond. I’m just trying to have something in common with Rampage.

Back in Pride, Rampage said the execs at Pride depicted him as a ‘homeless man’ that ‘ate out of garbage cans’ to increase his appeal. Got to love Pride. Those guys could sell chlorophyll to a forest of evergreens. Props to 20th Century Fox for not depicting Rampage as a homeless man in the upcoming ‘A-Team’ movie and instead, as a munitions expert with a frohawk that should be approached with extreme caution. Damn, at least ‘Homeless Rampage’ won’t slam a GMC van’s door into your head. [Source]

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