Playboy playmate mounting other chicks

I think the way forward in this new millenium is to have Playboy playmates fight. This is the future I want to be a part of. Well this and a hoverboard (Back to the Future II promised it to us). Some of you may remember LaTasha Marzolla from those long nights cooped up in your apartment armed with a stack of playboys under your bed and your (now) ex-girlfriend walking in on you. The chick was a Playboy playmate but I think technically she still is one. Its like being President of the United States, you’re always president even if you’re not president (which is mad weird if you think about it).

LaTasha Marzolla started off her smoking hot career messing around in the K1 circuit and other kickboxing organizations. Chick has a 6-3 record in kickboxing but tonight at the Tuff-N-Uff tourney she’s entering the MMA world. Chick trained under my girlfriend Gina Carano so you know she can mount a few chicks. I love thinking about that. I love thinking about Gina Carano as my girlfriend also. Life is great when you live in a world of astronomically small possibilities. Look at Marzolla’s interview here.

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