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Pics: UFC Octagon girl Jhenny Andrade gets UFC logo tattoo in interesting spot

Pics: UFC Octagon girl Jhenny Andrade gets UFC logo tattoo in interesting spot

To be honest we completely forgot UFC ring card girls were not called ring card girls but Octagon girls. Well, Jhenny Andrade may be our new favorite Octagon girl/ring card girl/ring card numerical engineer.

Who among us has not wanted to get the name/logo of the company we worked for tattooed somewhere on our body? If we ever get a MiddleEasy logo tat its because we lost a bet.

Andrade is a better employee than we are because she just got the UFC logo tattooed on our body. Cursory research also tells us this may or may not be the first tattoo the Brazilian Octagon girl has ever gotten on her body.

I mean at least it’s not a Mike Tyson face tattoo of the actual Octagon on her eye socket?

Marcando para sempre o maior orgulho da minha vida: @UFC?


Google translate what say you: “Marking forever the greatest pride of my life: UFC.”

Not to play (love) matchmaker but we really want to introduce Jhenny Andrade to The Just Bleed Guy and they can live happily ever after in an eight-sided house in a nice neighborhood.

And of course there’s video Andrade getting inked up.

We really are left speechless and wanted to clown on Andrade for branding herself with the UFC logo for the rest of her life. But then we did some real journalism and read Andrade’s bio over at

Your perfect man: Doesn’t have to be pretty.

Oh word?

Favorite Foods: McDonalds


Most handsome Fighter: Lyoto Machida

YES! (Would have also accepted Luke Rockhold or Mike Russow as answers)

Favorite music/band: Dave Matthews Band

Uhhhhhhh….yeah, this isn’t going to work out. Hey, at least you didn’t get a DMB tattoo on you Jhenny. You’re cool with us.

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