Pic: Sad Dana White announces UFC 217 tickets are now on sale in the saddest way possible

UFC217 Dana White

Dana White needs a hug. For the most hyped, biggest UFC card of the year UFC President Dana White is kind of all meh about it.

It’s a card. It’s a thing that will happen.

Do you want to be a fucking fight promoter?

2005 Dana White would slap the shit of the 2017 version of White after reading this depressed tweet. White already skipped out on attending UFC 215 this month and now this tweet announcing UFC 217 tickets are on sale?

“New York Fucking City! Three Mother Fucking title fights!! GS Fucking P is back!!! Biggest card ever!!!!” *read in the voice of 2007 D White*

What gives? 100% serious, someone out there in the MMA-verse needs to find D. White and give him a big old bear hug.

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