Phil Davis wants Joe Rogan to stop calling him ‘talented’

The only way Phil Davis can call himself ‘Mr.Wonderful’ is if he’s linked back to the 1993 romantic comedy with the same name. ‘Mr. Wonderful‘ starred Mary-Louise Parker who was in the 2004 movie ‘Saved!‘ with Mandy Moore who was rumored to be with Dana White and Georges St. Pierre within the course of one month. I can do this all day folks…and consequently lose respect from my peers.

With a record of 6-0 with only two of those fights going to decision, it’s easy to see how Phil Davis could be ‘naturally talented’. All the elements are there. The undefeated record, pink shorts and of course the 2008 NCAA individual wrestling title doesn’t hurt. However, in this interview with PureFight, Phil wants to let the MMA world (and Joe Rogan) know that he’s not ‘naturally talented’. It’s one giant hoax. [Source]

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