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Pancrase on HDNet…pretty please?

Pancrase on HDNet…pretty please?

By now HDNet is like my second dad. Except he never told me that I threw a football like “a school girl who did the walk of shame the morning after her prom’. I never knew what that meant, but its probably one of those emotional scars that will cost me thousands in therapy to repress when I’m 46.

HDNet is the savior of MMA in a lame cloud of Dancing with the Stars and American Idol (both of which I watch. Shut up Tom). The point is, without HDNet, where would MMA be? Seriously, just think about that. Where else can you watch HD quality fights for FREE and shown LIVE regardless of geographical location or time? I want to slam my keyboard on my desk because I’m so friggin stoked that I get to watch Inside MMA tonight.

Point being, HDNet is like my second dad. But to make it more like the dad that takes their kids fishing and buys them popcorn shrimp and strawberry lemonade, there needs to be Pancrase! We need to see Pancrase on HDNet! You have the 850 time King of Pancrase champion as the host of Inside MMA. Just like Mike Tyson took his pigeon’s milk crate and made a baseball bat in honor of his dead pigeon, HDNet should air live Pancrase fights in honor of your boy Bas Rutten…and then make a baseball bat out of it.

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