Overeem has no idea what it means to be Fabricio Werdum’s son

Overeem has no idea what it means to be Fabricio Werdum’s son, and neither do I for that matter. Where did this ‘son’ diss even originate from? So if you are my son, what? Do I have to love you and provide for you and then presumably save for your college education? Is Fabricio Werdum saying that he will take care of Overeem when he is sick and will sign him up for extra curricular activities?

Obviously not.

It’s a negative to be someone’s son. I get that much, I do. But really? Aren’t there more positives than negatives to being someone’s child? Having kids is such a huge responsibility, shaping there lives and nurturing them…Loving them. Does Fabricio Werdum feel love and responsibility for Alistair Overeem? I’ve heard of ‘MMA math’ and linear titles, but if subbing someone now means you love them foreve no matter what then I think we are in store for a lot less finishes in MMA. Overeem shares my confusion by this odd sign of disrespect in an interview with the equally puzzled Ariel Helwani.

ALISTAIR OVEREEM: “Yeah, I don’t really listen to what he says. His English is not that good, anyways. Also, speak of, yeah, ‘Alistair is my son.’ I still do not know exactly know what that means. I still don’t, when I think about it, what does it mean?”
ARIEL HELWANI: “He called you his son?”
ALISTAIR OVEREEM: “Yeah, I don’t know what it means.”
ARIEL HELWANI: “Do you think that’s disrespectful or respectful?
ALISTAIR OVEREEM: “I don’t know. If I would call you my son…”
ARIEL HELWANI: “Probably disrespectful.”
ALISTAIR OVEREEM: “For me, it doesn’t mean anything because I don’t know what it means. Maybe it’s a cultural thing or something, yeah.”

What a weird world we live in. So ‘getting sonned’ is legally being put under someones care? Please help me figure this out, for the Dutch.


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