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One more fight and Rampage says he’s done with the UFC

One more fight and Rampage says he’s done with the UFC

As I type this article I have Mass Effect 3 installing on my Xbox 360 to reduce load times and wear and tear on the laser lens. Now the Sci Fi epic finally comes to a close in my living room nearly five years after Mass Effect’s original release. You know, Rampage Jackson and Commander Shepard from Mass Effect have a lot in common: they are born fighters, they’ve reached massive highs (Pride, UFC championship, first human Spectre) and some hard to swallow lows (hit and run meltdown, uneasy alliance with Cerberus) and they are men who aren’t afraid to say what’s on their mind.

Quinton Jackson took to his Twitter account late last night to bring attention to the fact that he is on his sixth fight of a six fight deal with the UFC, and after his next bout he’s making like the Shadow Broker and getting out of dodge. Rampage may be strategically placing a few more points into his renegade conversation skills with this one.

Does Rampage want to head back to Japan (Singapore)? Will he box? Or will he be lowered from the rafters during a Strikeforce event?

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