Once you see Jared Hess’ knee, you cannot unsee it

Every year with this Jared Hess, something happens that makes you suddenly recoil from your television in absolute horror only to pray to whatever higher being you believe in that it didn’t happen to you. Last year in Bellator’s first season, Hector Lombard opened up a cut the size of an miniature asteroid impact crater (however big that is) and turned Hess’ forehead into a leaky faucet of blood and television ratings. Tonight, Alexander Shlemenko dislocated Jared Hess’ knee as he went for as Shlemenko went for a knee directly to his dome. Hess continued to fight for nearly a minute after the dislocation and when Shlemenko backed up for Hess to get to his feet, the dude collapsed on his on mangled joint. Check out the animated .gif for horrifying evidence that the human body is just as fragile as you thought it was. [Source]


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